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withthisfever's Journal


fic by heroes_and_cons
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fiction by heroes_and_cons

Welcome to withthisfever, a comm where I will be posting all of my fanfics from now on. For now, most are AI-centric. Some of my fics also come from bandoms (my chemical romance, green day) or TV fandoms (Lost, Criminal Minds). Please do not repost my fics on another site without my persmission.

+ Click here for the WIP/suggestions thread.
+ Click here for the master list.

about the author

heroes_and_cons' trufax name is Laura. You can call her this but she will also instinctively respond to just "heroes." The UN is a Green Day reference which if you already understood you are immediately on her good side, so four for you. She currently lives in Washington, D.C., where she is going to school to study American Studies, gender studies, and creative writing.