Sickness (Klaine)

Title: Sickness
Author: heroes_and_cons
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine (Glee)
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 9,069
Summary: The year is 1954, and Blaine and Kurt are two friends who attend Dalton Academy in Westerville, Ohio. Having been raised by an ex-Marine father, Blaine is never one to venture outside the norm, yet he’s unable to resist the way he feels about Kurt. An idealist at heart, Kurt someday dreams of running away together, but Blaine struggles to choose between his conscience and his heart.
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters; this plot is entirely fabricated. I used some lines from this 1950s PSA: (watch it, it’s really cool).
A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve taken U.S. history, so suspend your disbelief if all of my facts aren’t quite in order. I tried applying some 1950s lingo/pop culture, although parts of it will probably still seem out of place. Please do not repost any of this on any website, unless you have my permission (or you’re just posting the link to this entry).

Special thanks to my wonderful betas, ellipsisaddict and novelized!

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Sunday Best (Klaine)

Title: Sunday Best
Author: heroes_and_cons
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine (future)
Rating: pg-13 (some ~adult~ themes)
Word Count: 1,381
Summary: Blaine and Kurt, young twenty-somethings just out of college, start a new life of their own in California.

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PS - i'm currently working on a very long klaine au fic set in the 1950s, so keep an eye out for that ;)


it's been a while :/ just a short dad!fic drabble i wrote last night, enjoy~
ps - the title is totally irrelevant except for the fact that i was listening to tswift at the time, lawl

Title: Mine
Author: heroes_and_cons
Pairing: gen fic, dad!Adam
Rating: G
Word Count: 662

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Series: In Your Atmosphere

Title: In Your Atmosphere
Author: heroes_and_cons
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: PG
Total word count: 969
*These are separate drabbles, not relevant of each other. All titles credit to John Mayer.

Title: In Repair
Rating: PG (angsty)
Word Count: 311

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Title: Friends, Lovers or Nothing
Rating: PG (flufffff)
Word Count: 306

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Title: Split-Screen Sadness
Rating: PG (sad)
Word Count: 316

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